This spring, due to food access issues and increase in backyard gardening, there was a seed shortage in the United States. Moss Haven Farm is now collaborating with several organizations to grow, harvest and share locally grown seeds. Join this community project to create local security for growing food.

We are looking for vegetable, herb and flower seeds. These seeds are being collected and donated to the Dallas Public Library’s Seed Library, a depository of free seeds held in trust for the community at large.

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Steps to Donate Seeds

1) Place clean, dry seeds in an envelope.

2) Include this information on the envelope:

    • Common name of seed
    • Variety (if available)
    • Harvested by
    • Location/Date of Harvest
    • Days to Maturity:
    • Any Other Additional Information (more info the better)

3) Drop donations at Moss Haven Farm, 9202 Moss Haven Farm Lane, Dallas, Texas, 75243 (place in box, down alley, by the farm gate)

Click here to view Farmer Aman’s seed saving info video.


Email Farmer Kim Aman at

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