Farmer Aman has put together a list of resources for families who want to bring Moss Haven Farm magic to their homes. Be sure to check out her YouTube Channel for new tips and education talks throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Big Green at Home

Big Green at Home offers age-appropriate bundles of activities on a weekly basis for independent, enriching, hands-on learning at home.

BackPocket Learning

Collection of activities that every garden educator or parent should have in their “Back Pocket”.

Captain Planet Foundation

Captain Planet Foundation works collaboratively to engage and empower young people to be problem solvers for the planet.

FoodPrints Cooking

Videos, guides, and activities that help families build cooking skills and nutrition knowledge, learn about science and math in the garden and kitchen, and cook and eat nutritious recipes together at home.

Kids Gardening Fun at Home

KidsGardening shares links to kids garden activities, garden-based educational resources, gardening advice, and other helpful tips to inspire families to just keep growing.

Farmer Aman Videos

Seed Saving with Farmer Kim

Aphids Oh My!

Hey What’s In The Soil?

We Love Garlic Expressions!

A Seed Has A Coat

Carrot Top Pesto

FBI Fungus Bacteria Invertebrates

Backyard Worm Farm

Slow Food USA Plant a Seed Campaign 2020

Owl Pellets – Treasures You Can Find In Your Own Backyard

Erosion Walk

2020 Victory Gardens

Moss Haven Farm Chicken Coop Tour (see design chicken coop activity below)

Moss Haven Farm March 2020 Video Tour

Water Cycle Video

More Links

20 Vegetables and Herbs You Can Grow Indoors from Scraps

How to Build a Simple Raised Garden Bed

North Texas Vegetable Planting Dates

Free Monthly Organic Garden Guide

Cooking with Kids Recipes

Play with Your Food

SuperCook (search by ingredients you have at home)

Macro Time-lapse of a Seed

The Great Plant Escape Detective Game

Design a Chicken Coop Activity