Our Favorite Things:

Crops: We’ve seen students making healthier choices. When a child grows foods from seed to harvest, eating them becomes more fun! Plus our ongoing collaboration with the North Texas Food Bank has students excited to give back.

Enriching Academics: We’ve seen a measurable increase in students’ pass rates on the Texas standardized science test since the implementation of our farm – curriculum partnership. Our school garden continues to find new and innovative ways to grow and thrive, enabling every Moss Haven student to take important life skills into their future endeavors.

Community: We have the support of our wonderful staff and teachers. 100 percent of Moss Haven faculty agree the Farm benefits student learning and engagement, and 100 percent of teachers believe the Farm builds community in the neighborhood. Many school gardens start strong, but are no longer viable within four years. However, at Moss Haven, parents and students alike are dedicated to a sustainable program.

Moss Haven Students Say:

  • I like the farm because it gives you education and you get to hold chickens.
  • I love the farm because we do science, and I love science.
  • The Farm is great! We grow food!
  • I love the farm because the crops we have grown are cool.
  • The farm is important because we give food to the North Texas Food Bank.
  • I like the farm because we eat the food we grow.
  • I love the farm because of chickens and how free we are to explore and we always get to learn new stuff.
  • I love the farm because it brings joy and it wonderful to be out in it.
  • I love eating at the farm. It’s my favorite things and we make lots of delicious food.
  • I absolutely love all the bugs and the food.
  • The Farm is important because we grow food for other people.
  • I love the farm because we get to plant stuff.
  • The farm is important because it helps the earth.
  • I like the farm because it grows vegetables and fruit and things like that keeps us healthy.
  • I love the farm because it makes me happy.
  • Kale Kale Kale I like to eat kale on the farm.
  • I love the farm because it inspires us to have fun with nature.
  • The farm is what makes this school special. Farm=Happiness

Benefits of Garden Based Learning:


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