Students Grow

Moss Haven Farm creates a healthy school environment for students and staff through active learning programs. Classroom lessons are continuously reinforced in a real world, outdoor setting and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are incorporated into farm teaching plans and activities.

Farm Highlights Include:

Moss Haven Farm Officers
and Committee Members

  • President: Kristi Poteet
  • Program Director: Kim Aman​
  • Secretary: Laura Pendleton
  • Treasurer: Erin Miller​
  • ​4-H Chairs: Tiffany Walker & Erin Prather Stafford
  • Service Day: Kristie Poteet​​ & Elly Weyenberg
  • Sign Ups: Suzanne Bouvier
  • Apparel: Aimee Bruyninckx & Whitney Williams
  • Website: Erin Prather Stafford

Moss Haven Farm has deep roots. It is a thriving program with room to flourish…