Students Grow

Moss Haven Farm creates a healthy school environment for students and staff through active learning programs. Classroom lessons are continuously reinforced in a real world, outdoor setting and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are incorporated into farm teaching plans and activities.

Farm Highlights Include:

  • Dedicated crop beds for each class (23 areas)
  • Herb and history gardens
  • Texas Native bed
  • Rain catchment and measurement system
  • Solar energy irrigation system
  • Purple Martin House gourd system
  • Learning area with custom tree stump chairs and outdoor chalkboard
  • 1500-gallon rainwater harvest systems
  • Growing for Giving Garden, high yield crops are donated to North Texas Food Bank
  • Compost system, where students place lunch scraps
  • After school 4H Club for students
  • Certified National Wildlife Habitat and approved Texas Master Gardner volunteer site
  • American Heart Association Teaching Garden
  • United Way’s Healthy Zone School
  • Supplier fresh produce for school salad bar
  • Home to a custom chicken coop housing our Egg Laying/ Hatching Poultry Program.
  • “Brain Cafe” classroom for students to have farm-to-table experiences

 2016-2017 Moss Haven Farm Officers and Committee Members

President: Tiffany Walker​
Program Director: Kim Aman​
1st VP Funding: Katie Williams​
Grant Writer: Heather Pauzer​
Secretary: Paula Dudlo
Treasurer: Erin Miller​
​2nd VP Operations: Laurie Petty​
Service Day Chair: Kristie Poteet​
Peep at the Coop Chairs: Laurie Petty/Rainy Barry​
Salad Bar Chair: Kaki Bates​
Classroom Liaison: Sarah Folger Hagen​
4H Chair: Ashley Gomez​
Website: Erin Prather Stafford
Social Media: Tiffany Walker
At Large: Suzanne Bouvier, Stephanie Dusek​, Suzanne Flodin, Andi Loftus, Laura Pendleton,​ Amy Till, Kristen Sample,​ Brooke Wagliardo​, Elly Weyenburg

Moss Haven Farm has deep roots. It is a thriving program with room to flourish…